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Across industries, companies are realizing the strategic advantages of business process outsourcing (BPO). By engaging a partner that assumes responsibility for management of non-core business processes, companies can dramatically improve costs, increase efficiency and cut cycle times.

Ultimately, BPO services enable you to focus more time and money on what matters most: your core business.

We offer wide range of BPO services and operation support, which includes supporting clients on core and non core business activities. Our services helps customers to focus on their business and improve turnover, profitability and cashflow.

We offer the following BPO services,

  • Accounts & Finance
  • HR Services
  • Data Processing
  • Business Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Accounts & Finance

We support accounts & finance outsourcing through secured environment to ensure confidentiality and to prevent data leak. The various accounting services include invoicing, accounts receivable and payable, general ledger and cash book maintenance, payroll, financial statement preparation, monthly and year-end closing assistance, sales tax return preparation, account reconciliations, internal audit, special assignments etc..

HR Services
HR activities such as pay-roll administration, training and development, record keeping, performance appraisal records, human resource policy clarification etc are all people intensive activities which involve a lot of time and energy. Such activities are repetitive and routine in nature. Therefore the companies with intent to concentrate on their core activities outsource these activities.

Data processing
Data processing is a critical activity in an organization. It's a time consuming activity and needs to be accurate. We offer data processing, data mining, data cleansing, new database creation etc. for various departments in an organization like Marketing, R&D, HRD, Accounts & finance etc.

Business Transcription
We maintain high quality records of your business and shareholder meetings without having to co-ordinate dictations, minutes, drafting and proofing. Several companies in U.S, UK and Europe are regular customers of our business transcription services. They send digital audio outputs of their annual and monthly meetings, press releases, group discussions, forecast meetings, training sessions and company business statements amongst others. We convert the audio visual content into completed and ready-to-publish transcripts in Word, WordPerfect or any other format required by the customer. We also customize the output to any pre-defined formats as per individual customer specifications. The completed transcripts are sent to the customer as email attachments, over FTP or in any other manner preferred by the customer.

Medical Transcription
Healthcare providers across the globe are facing challenges such as increasing regulations, increasingly complex coding, declining reimbursements and increasing operating costs. We understand that building a successful practice is challenging in today's healthcare scenario. Regardless of the size or specialty of your practice, we can offer you a comprehensive and fully integrated medical billing solution. Medical billing is our core competency and we can efficiently manage all your billing needs. Our medical billing specialists have over several years of experience with all key insurance payers

Medical transcription is the typing of documents from dictated recordings by health professionals. Basically, any type of medical treatment, procedure, diagnostic test, etc. must be documented into a patient's permanent medical record. In order for this to be done in a legitimate, accurate fashion, health professionals dictate this specific information either into a digital or analog recorder and/or through the use of a phone dictation system. Transcriptionists then transcribe this information into a typed document, which is then forwarded to the dictator for review and signature. These documents then become part of a patient's permanent medical record. These documents can be discharge summaries, history and physicals, admission summaries, operative reports, expiration reports, office visits, diagnostic studies, consultations, referral letters, etc.

Legal Transcription
Legal Transcription services helps lawyers and attorneys to hard copy documents relating both civil and criminal procedures. The information is received as dictated or recorded information from courtroom hearings and other law offices. These may include testimonies, pleadings, interrogatories, and administrative hearings.

In general the information's from courtrooms is recorded into a tape or into a digital voice processing systems. So Legal Transcription refers to the process of transferring information from recorded dictation to hard documentation using transcriptionists and computer word processors.

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