Case Study - Evolve HRM

Sri Lanka Savings Bank

Name: Sri Lanka Savings Bank Ltd.
Address: No 265, Ward Place Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.
Website: http://www.slsbl.lk/
Business: Savings Bank

Product: Evolve Human Resource Management System.

Modules Integrated:Bio Metric Scanners, Time attendance system and Payroll

Project Overview by Manager - Human Resource:
From a leadership perspective, the ability to review, amend and submit my employee's timecards to our payroll team is so simple. I am able to quickly see their time punches, approve requests off, and see their available PTO. I can track salary changes and position information, and also set up annual reviews/goals. I don't have to manage attendance from my own personal calendar, and no PAPER Work!!

Pros and Cons

Easy to use. Customer service extremely helpful and proactive. Employees also like the ability to access staff portal.

I think the learning curve is long to learn the advanced reporting methods of creating new topics.

Mandara Resort

Name: Child Fund International
Address: No.30/3 Bagathale Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka
Website: https://www.childfund.org/
Business: International Charity Fund

Product: Evolve Human Resource Management System.

Modules Integrated:Time attendance system and Payroll

Project Overview by Human Resource Manager:
I love that every Human Resource function from interviewing to retirement can be done in one system. Every corporate document is within the system. The ease in which it allows us to perform Open Enrollment. The reporting modules are amazing. The best payroll system I have ever used. The implementation team did an excellent job training and setting up each module so that it functions exactly how you need it to.

Pros and Cons

I love how easy the payroll is processed. The ability to have all our time entries flow into payroll without issues is such a huge time saver. The continuous improvements and enhancements that Evolve HRM makes.

I least like is the setting up of P.A.Y.E tax calculation and Tax reporting

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